You had been asking what were you to learn from the entirety of being conjoined with me (and I, you), after being so caught up in each other’s lives, after making life as putrid and deplorable as we could have for one another, what was to gain, and what was there to expect from it all?

We’d tried time and time again to encompass another in our own worlds, but we could not come to immerse ourselves in the realities of one another. We had called it off even though it is hard to give up what I have come to know that has ultimately led me to unconditionally and irrevocably love you as I have as I am sure is the same case for you.

I cannot give up on something I’ve come to understand so well as I have with you, but the hard part, or the submissive part of this is knowing I’d put as much effort as I could until I had no more to give.

I will see you around, and hopefully you will appreciate my time for the care I always wanted you to have from me.


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