Polyamory is realizing the impracticality of having one person and only one person to rely on to make you feel loved, appreciated, or understood.

As a person with an open mind and open heart, I would not want to exclude myself from anybody but that is just me.

This person I have embodied and the writer of this article recognizes the differences found in everyone of us, and is accepting of the fact we need different things to make us happy. I am willing to admit there is nothing at all to be ashamed of, nor should we fear being criticized when we carry ourselves in vulnerability and accountability, but first and foremost, with sincerity.

Moments of continual reflection and clarity allow us to take note of the fact that moments full of peril occur after being attacked by your own doing or extending your blows unto someone else.

You shall notice indeed with experience that the true cycle of the Universe we inhabit proves nothing we know lasts “forever”, so the gist of survival happens to be to make the most out of all that we have in sympathy, with confidence, tact, and integrity.

To every beginning, there is an end, and is rebirth follows shortly when no one is around—especially when no one is watching…but that is something to address later on.

What I truly mean to say is that because we understand nothing lasts forever—especially us, we should embrace every moment we are allowed to experience.

We should allow ourselves to make as many wonderful experiences as possible.

Towards the ends of our lives, we should feel happy with ourselves— we should feel happy our existence was ever allowed to begin with rather than hold bitterness.

What makes us happy varies to each and every other individual.

You, I, and we are different, yet we are all one in the same, and I would do anything for to see us all be understanding of that as humanly possible,

because if it isn’t each other that we hold to, then what is?

If if it were it not for the fact that we do things for each other, then why are we even here? And if it were not for each other, would it even be worth the while?

Even though Love is Subjective,

Love has always been the beginning of every-thing.

Prove me wrong, but first do me the favor of reading the fourth line I wrote from the top.

Thank you for caring.

– c.m.


2 thoughts on “Polyamory.

  1. Prodigious flawless mind, Loving with pure intention, and appreciating the love that touch your heart and senses would magnify your prolific creativity…cause there is not certainty that it will be back with the same intensity again.


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