Why is this happening to you?

Don’t play the victim; Ever.

You can get mad at the things you can’t control, or,

You can take a step back and deeply consider what you are in control of.

…What do you control?


The sky?

The air?

The oxygen you breathe in?

How fast you’re breathing?




You’ve always been in control.

Need I spell it out for you?

You. ARE. in. Control. of. Yourself.

Instead of saying you’ve never been in control of your attitude, perception, and understanding of everything that’s happening to you, you should really be asking your self why you let things happen to you , 
and “why do I continue like this?”

What if I told you you knew exactly what you were doing, and the only reason you truly made excuses was because you understood yourself better than anyone else was able to understand you?

What if this whole time you knew exactly what you were doing without ever explaining to yourself why you did what you did regardless of whatever you told other people?

Would that make sense? And if it did,guess what?

That is everyone.

Everyone knows what they’re doing, and why they do what they do regardless of whether or not anyone knows how to put it into words.

No one knows how to ARTICULATE it.

The person that does know how to Articulate it,

That’s what makes a Genius.

Every one else has to ask themselves consistently why they ultimately allow themselves to be vulnerable; Because remember,

You either take control of your thoughts,

or you let your thoughts control you.

The Power of the Question

A question is, perhaps, the easiest, most effective way to engage our selves onto an idea of interest;

It also happens to be the easiest indirect way of sending our selves on a spectacular mental journey.

   When we ask questions, whoever the receiver is is sent out into the depths of what they’ve come to know up until that point, and what ever they return with is what they found in their repertoire of knowledge.

Whatever they bring back is valued simply because they have spent a considerable amount of thought into retrieving something that was asked for based on what ever their personal experiences are, usually.
This is why it’s so important to carefully phrase our inquiries;
This is why we must choose our words carefully.
The input we receive directly correlates to our output;
What we put out is what we get back.
If we want to be vague and get broad answers, we should present imprecise questions.
If we want clarity or very specific answers, we should give out clear and specific questions; If we wish to be technical, we should dare to get technical with our questions.
Pretty obvious and self-explanatory, right?
The more relevance our questions have to the receiver, the more we make an indication to how sincerely curious we are to someone’s dear insights and opinions.
This also happens to be an example of why many of us do not appreciate gifts we don’t look for, or ask for.
While we can appreciate how “kind” someone was willing to be to us, we are not going to use something that simply isn’t interesting to us, honestly.

So what are our interests then?

Interesting thought, isn’t it?
Any thing that doesn’t directly apply to us has no use for us, and we may find ourselves thinking about who it may serve more because it’s clearly not for us.
That’s why it doesn’t matter how unimaginably profound or important our opinions are;
We ultimately won’t appreciate anything that doesn’t directly apply to us.
You don’t want to set yourself up for failure.

You don’t want to set others up for failure either.


Why are we here?


To “waste time”?

Or are we here to Understand the World,

the People we share it with,

and probably most importantly,


[Start from the top]


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