Evolutionary Intellect.

The long endured debate is that once we have attained an unspeakable level of unadultered wisdom,
we can no longer tolerate the continuation of certain realities.
The best way to illustrate such a phenomenon is like having children see their parents fight for the for first time, except in this case, the children just so happen to be adults that have unbelievably staged themselves to assume delicate positions of power; Yet, quite unconsciously so.

   Who are the parents, you may ask?

The Enlightened

The People that Actually know what They’re Doing;



The People that do Everything Consciously instead of Mindlessly;

The People that Decided to unfollow this False Idea that Life is Supposed to Go a Certain Way

The People that stopped Pretending;
The People that Stopped Putting Up a Front


At the End of the Day,
The People “fitting in” the Most

Are the One’s Who are Most Terrified.

There are two types of respectively enlightened people:
1. the Ones that have consciously taken advantage of people, and continue to exploit people simply because they understand that a large portion of the Planet’s People will do anything for “money” all in the name of Survival,


2. The Very Few of Us who profoundly understand that Life is more than just “the Survival of the Fittest”.

Why are We Here?

We’re here because we were always meant to be.
The Universe has always allowed us to be, where
Life isn’t at all a surprise.

There are no such things as “Anomalies”,
and I explain exactly why in the Academic Book Journal I’m working on,

but that will soon divulge itself in due accordance.

   My primary message is to affect the planetary populous of one very rudimentary misconception:

The world is not about money;

It never was.

This Life,

This World is all about Survival, yes,

but money just so happened to turn itself to the primary method of measuring the amount of

Civil Liberty

We grant One another.

We’re lead to submerse ourselves in the societal norm of oblivion detailing incomprehensive deferential impotence involving massive unnecessary monetary chokeholds.

I’m enraged to say the least.

The World’s Past Haunts.

The world’s past Suppresses the Present’s people in most microscopic way,

to the most colossal scales.

We never had a choice,

None of Us.

And we continue to breathe in the idea that there is nothing we can do to change the inequalities present in our daily lives.

Why are we alive then?

To Survive?

Life is said to be what we make of it;

I beg to differ.

There are people that take control of the accumulated Lives we live,

and there are people that “allow life to happen to them” as it may.

Answer me this question:






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