Christopher Ricardo Pluta


Where words are only momentary,
Actions last for untold eras;

..and here is a man whose Existence created a shock wave to those around him.

Where pages, chapters, and not even books can accurately depict the entirety of what precious lives encompass here,

I can only tell you my account:

— In this life,

It’s not about what you know;

It’s about who you know,

And I Knew Christopher Ricardo Pluta.

He loved, and inspired in ways that he could,

and ultimately,

He gave everyone the one gift that undoubtedly keeps giving:

 – Faith.

He had this look that he often gave people,

yet never expressed why he gave it.

His look said:
“I see you,

and I see a Human.

I see you,

and I see you.

I see the person that is giving it their best;

You are giving it your all.”

That is the greatest gift you can give to anyone.

That’s why he never gave up on you,

even when everyone else did.

That’s why he was my greatest friend for the time we allowed ourselves,

and that’s why I can never find the courage to turn my back on anyone completely;

I miss him dearly,

And I can only reflect upon all the love he had to give for the time he was here.


if there was ever a time where I could express to you that you matter,

here it is:

Thank you,

for Everything.

..As much as I miss him,

as much as I wish I can hug him one last time,
I can’t.


the only embrace I can give in his memory is to ensure that I see my dreams and wishes through;

That I be

all that I can be with what I’m given:


While I may know a lot,

I don’t have much time,
And it’s not about what you know,

it’s about who you know.
I am in need of

Encouragers and Supporters.
I need people to believe, but first they need to see, I care;

I do.

I always have.

I’m 23.
That’s almost a quarter,
And I’m not even promised four.
So here’s to this life and my sincerest Humanitarian ambitions.

Thank you.


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