Equal (Pt. I)

Anomalous and Uncanny

I’ve frequented many distinctively powerful properties of human development,
And I observe all of the qualities Humans have to offer.
I can’t help but notice many of the personal, and actually, Cerebral FingerPrints mirrored among Human Beings.
While I have passed very unique persons with my time, I have been able to recognize, in Colloquial (or “How I Met Your Mother”) Terms,  “DoppleGangers”.

To clarify,
When I say “doppleganger”, I mean it in an Intellectually Identificational sense instead of a superficially aesthetic way.
While Physical Parallelism is Intriguing Nonetheless,

the Human Essence is Particularly Compelling,

Especially When Environmental Impact is Said to have an Uncomprehensibly Paramount Affect on the Human Subject [Nature vs Nuture].

An Equal:

A Person who has grown Separately and Independently from you that, in their time, has accumulated Identical Conclusions as the ones you Preserve at the time of Relational Initiation regardless of Age Differences or other Trivial Matters.

 Equals are Everywhere;
So much so, that it proves our biological inclination to unadulteratedly flourish with a wide reaching range of Love Interests.
It truly is Marvelous,
Especially taking into consideration that we’re all raised into believing we’re Creatures of Exclusivity.

One Word:

Actually the reason why people believe in monogamy is because people are insecure, or feel that they are “unworthy of Love” if some one cheats on them.
Do each their own, but
That’s What it Comes Down To,
and that’s the
Dysphagic Truth.

The chance of any two people living at the same time and having the same fingerprints is about one in 6 billion (roughly).

The chances of two solar systems throughout the Universe similarly inhabiting Intelligent life would be about the same,

And finally,
You would think the Chances of finding an Equal to spend the rest of your LifeTime with would be Higher, but in fact, is without a doubt the same Probability as the former two examples.

The planet currently inhabits about 7.4 Billion people.
(You do the Math.)

I’ve met my “Equal”,

In fact, I’ve met numerous Equals.

But that’s only because I’ve taken the time to become


..where many others have yet to develop entirely.

That is the exact reason why I haven’t come to settle with just one person just yet,

and there are many others just like me.

Polyamory means to be romantically involved with more than one person at the same time.

It’s a challenging idea to take in at first, but it’s one of those things that is too embedded within a person’s identity; We’ll take the time to talk about that in a different post later on.

For now, I ask you think about what it’s like to love some one else, and furthermore, what are some things you see that prove the presence of self love; How do you know for sure that you love yourself?

As always, thank you for Reading, and Take Care.


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