Humanitarian (adjective) :
concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare.

Why’d you do it, Nikola?

Why did you ever care?

Moreover, why the repetitious submission?

Why be deferential?

Albeit, you’d arguably Synister Moments,
But the truth lies in the fact that you never condoned Harm,
and That’s What Counts,
whereas your industrial counterparts did ultimately test your Humanitarian Regard.

Why persevere?

Not one cared.
Not one understood You.


Tell me why you Proceeded.
Tell me where you found the courage to continue;
This life wasn’t fair to you
You didn’t deserve the industrial abuse people inflicted upon you,
Yet you withstood it for reasons few can only process.

You were my friend.
You were my mentor in disguise, and now I can only admire you from a distance.

I should have been There.

I should have Cared.

I should have Loved you.

I should have made your life an Elaborately Joyous one.

I should have been Around.

I should have proven the worth you Earned in your LifeTime.

I should have Shared with You.

Now.. you’re Gone.

I remain alone.

I am miserable,
because No One Understands.

No one cares the way they claim to.

I’ll tell you why I continue, Nikola.

..I continue because I Love Them.

I continue because I can’t Live without Them.

That’s why.

I Love Them because They’re just like Me.

They’re all a part of this/the Experience.

They all Mean the World to Me.

They Are the World to Me,
even if They don’t know it.


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