<Love3 (Pt. I)

One of the most highly regarded characteristics I carry is the very fact that

I Won’t Settle.
My intuition won’t allow me to.
I can’t just give up.
I don’t understand people that will; It doesn’t make sense.
How can someone just decide to give up on other people?
How can someone just choose to believe that there isn’t any room for improvement, but also remain ignorant to the fact that improvement is accessible through a small amount of work?
To believe that others cannot grow into more Comprehensive people is to say that you yourself aren’t capable of growth,

to say others are incapable of change is to say we’re indeed incapable of change,

which, in all honesty, sounds completely foolish to me.

In all honesty, it sounds extremely childish, naive, and inconsiderate of us.

Why would anyone else take me seriously if I’m always doubting them?


To believe that that is simply the reality of things is to Ultimately believe that am forever incapable of Growth, and

To deny the very Intelligence we were privileged with being born Human beings in our Lives is the probably the most Mundane, and frankly, most compulsive statement to be accepted by the furthest extent our entire comprehensible existence.

The basis to ever accurately understanding the intention of each other lies in our advanced ability to Communicate.

If there is ever a time someone has trouble comprehending a point I am try to relay, I won’t and cannot find it in myself to hold resent towards that one person simply because I have yet to configure a way to make what I am saying pertain to a person’s life directly;
I take full responsibility.
How ignorant would it be of me to spite others for realities they’ve not yet been exposed to; Circumstances that have not Presented Themselves Quite Yet?

Who in the World does it occur to be that Absurd?
Don’t answer that.
I haven’t met them yet; and I haven’t the Chance Speak to Them on a Personal Basis Yet.
I am different because I tirelessly engage in the winding pursuit of the answers I seek.

Needless to say this is why I’m so avid about promoting the Welfare of Others.
This is why I won’t ever completely cut anyone off or deny someone’s existence.

It just goes to show what the severe repercussions of our collective discouraging behavior and conditioning towards one another are, and can do.

The way I think of it is the more people are expressive of their concerns and discomforts, the sooner I can become the Thoughtful, Considerate, Caring and Accommodating person I wish to become to Others;
The Faster I Grow.
Should that not be your Intent as Well?
Admitting your Mistakes is an Imperative part of Growth, and Recognizing Monumental Influences throughout your Life in order to stay as Objective as possible about how you proceed to manage events is all undeniably Crucial.
Acknowledging the very Imperfections you fear to be True is an essential part of Your Betterment.
Amelioration only proceeds with Vulnerability.
Can you swallow your Pride, and Bear the Belief that you are Capable of Committing Errors even if it means that you have been wrong from the start?
Would it make any difference if I said that I had been wrong from the start?
I had been completely wrong about my role in this LifeTime.
My father had always told me I was Special.
He would always tell me I was somehow different, and said I was conceived from a Dream; An Angel came down to him and told him he was soon to be the father of a boy.
My father being the self-proclaimed religious man he feels himself to be bore a faith so profoundly immense that he was shortly after in pursuit of the bearer of a mother of his wildly imagined, but soon-to-be son.
Through process of elimination and much tenacity, my father ultimately decided on my unbeknownst mother to be his CareGiver of preference.
With time,

my mother disclosed to father she was indeed expectant of a Child, but would only agree to keeping the baby if they were to wed.
At that point, my mother was already being the sole involved parent of my two older sisters while both of their fathers were absent in taking on father figure roles for her small yet growing family.

In short, all my mother really wanted was a man to be responsible for their actions and lead the reigns to her young and beautiful family that would guide us to Prosperity.
With much honor and a phone call later, my father accepted.


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