Ernesto Nieto, Where are we from, and Where do you propose we go?

Como Hispano, como Latino, como Chicano, como Mexicano, como raza, como Español,
¿de adonde venimos, y adonde vamos?
Será difícil contestar eso, pero la proposición es importante. Por que hacemos lo que hacemos?
Tal vez usted conoce algún verdad que todavía no he conocido en mi tiempo. Perhaps you’ve seen and lived social injustice due to the brown hue of your skin.
Perhaps the reason why you combust to unite our affluent people is to finally bring equality to Latinos in a worldwide unequal playing field. Perhaps this is the very basis of your institution, and perhaps your greatest goal is to even the odds.
You’ve realized at a young age that this World will not be fair on its own, and there is no justifiable reason in existence why we should suffer more simply because we are different. Perhaps you once recognized the eloquence in your character, and soon decided to take action against the injustice simmering amid the divided razas.
You, my friend, unite a mass full of capable, talented, beautiful, humble, worthy, brilliant, confident, competent, warm-hearted, hard-working, mild-mannered, [and maybe even loud at times] brown-skinned people that wouldn’t otherwise engage and arise, and I owe it to you.
How do I repay you for accepting a magnificent and grandiose deed as such?
I know your answer,
“Do what you can for your people.
Believe in Yourself.
Believe in la Raza.”

Counsel from your likes will not at all be taken lightly, Ernie. We wish you be proud.

Do you confide in us to make the correct choices in the possession of Power when we all came from and still come Oppression?
Do you bear that much faith for us even when you won’t be around?

I hope you do.


Christian Méza 


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