I tell myself I’m gonna make it.

I have to make it, because if I don’t, who will?
I was born to Dream,

and I Dream to Live.

This life is like a flame, but how can you be brought within the fire and be expected to not shine?

To expect anything less is mere madness, yet oddly enough, Madness serves a purpose.
I imagine control, and with it would there be Quality Equality.
People often take the LimeLight for granted, and as inconspicuous as it may be, we’re actually all in the LimeLight – all the time. The people we are take stage all the time. The things that make us happy define who we are. The things that empower us define who we are. So as much as we may perceive ourselves to be irrelevant at times, we all really are because we are all a compilation of the accumulated Human Experience; That’s what it means to be you; That’s what it means to have an Identity.
In the end, all we know is Ourselves, so why not create magic in this lifetime, and pass it on?
Why not choose to be the difference in Epic Magnitudes?
You only get one chance to make this life count.

Rest assured it’ll be counted in nonetheless,

but will it be the kind of count that’ll be meaningful to you?

Take Care,

Christian Meza


2 thoughts on “Ignite.

  1. It is always a sacred moment of realization while reading your journals.
    The magic begins when you shine so intensive to reach others and distance cease to exist.


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