The Modern Day

Your essence is released into the atmosphere, and encompasses all that surrounds me.

This world is beyond me, I know that.
I know that there is hope for us yet, and that that hope is found within us and among us.
Rules are created to be broken and challenge what we feel about ourselves for each other.
The Universe is our highest playground and left for us to explore and exploit it to our benefit.
Life is no longer about mere survival, sheer shelter, and tending to our hungrys;
It’s about creating an understanding of the endless possibilities at our disposal should we finally decide to break the burden of social barriers.

What are the frustrations we have towards each other?
Why share what we have with each other?
It doesn’t make sense, but we don’t make sense.
We shouldn’t be alive and thriving, but we are.
You are alive.
This is the truth, and you are the proof.
So what? Who cares if you shouldn’t be alive?
You are alive, and you are beautiful.
Nothing is beautiful,
But you are,
And you are what makes this world beautiful.
Succeed in doing what you do.
Things won’t always be okay, but you’ll be okay.
This world has its problems, but don’t make it mad.
Creation leaves a legacy while life leaves death.
Come with peace and continue to shine.

You’ll be fine.


One thought on “The Modern Day

  1. Reading this profound creation of yours, stirs delightful imprinted memories of the soul…May your creative mind continue to inspire and uplift your readers.


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